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 Product - WinPST Share Outlook - Practical Examples

Sharing Company Mail

This document explains how to create and share a public Mail folder when using Outlook in conjunction with WinPST Share Outlook.

Let's suppose: WinPST server and WinPST Client Addin for Outlook have been installed.

Open WinPST Administrator, click the Folders button on the toolbar, click Action, then click the New button on the toolbar.

The pop-up page shows you two sections: One for specifying the details of the folder, the other for specifying the access rights to the folder.

The section to specify the details of the folder:

You can give your new public folder a name, in this case “Company Mail” and it also lets you choose the type of folder to create, in this case a Mail folder. If you have nested folders you can also choose which one this new folder should be underneath, by selecting the relevant folder from the Parent drop down list.

The section to specify the access rights to this folder:

In this example, we have selected four users and given two of them Read/Create permissions, and two of them Read/Create/Edit permissions. Press OK to complete the task.

In Outlook, after synchronizing, you will see the new public contacts folder under a folder called "Public Folders". Any public folders you create will be here. In this instance, Jack Meyer and Chris Snow will be able to read and create emails in the "Company Mail" public folder. While Edhy Rijo and David Berendes will have the ability of read, create and edit.